How We Work

Farrier Swier Consulting is trusted by leading businesses, governments, and institutions to deliver robust, objective advice and enduring solutions in the energy, water and transport sectors. FSC specialises in solving challenging problems and developing practical solutions, often within very tight timeframes.

FSC consultants bring a wealth of diverse practical experience as reformers, policy makers, regulators, board members of regulated utilities and system operators, and ministerial advisers.

We are known and respected for our sound judgment, rigorous approach, pragmatism, and success. We have a strong reputation for delivering on time and meeting clients’ needs.

Our approach to dispute resolution, expert advice and testimony focuses on strong conceptual and practical knowledge, independence and objectivity.


Being clear about the context for our work

No matter how big the task, we start by understanding not just the questions posed, but also the broader context that will affect the answers.

No government, regulator or regulated business operates in a vacuum. Its decisions reflect a mixture of commercial, legal, technical, political and stakeholder incentives and drivers.

Our consultants have qualifications and expertise in economics, regulatory policy, law, accounting, and business management, and we are able to view matters through different lenses – legal and regulatory, governance, political, and commercial.

For complex matters, FSC assists clients to establish effective multidisciplinary expert advisory committees.

FSC consultants get to the nub of any underlying problem, its drivers, causes and materiality. We identify who is best placed to address the problem, and develop strategies to encourage them to do so.

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Giving sound and independent advice

We give frank and honest advice that draws on our different disciplines and broad experience.

We have a respected track record of showing sound and independent judgment, and effective communication.

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Recognising that stakeholder support is key to achieving outcomes

We bring clients and their stakeholders with us on the journey to understand the context, objectives, available information, options, and decisions required. Good ideas can fail if they are not communicated effectively, or accepted by key stakeholders.

Our people have the experience and credibility – and do the necessary homework – to conduct stakeholder workshops that increase understanding, and achieve sound consensus positions wherever possible.

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