Practice Areas

Policy development 

FSC provides policy advice, particularly on utility sector economic reforms. We draw on our commercial and public policy experience to ensure the right focus and balance of change.  We focus on the implications of market and regulatory evolution arising from emerging technologies and changes in regulatory practice.

Project governance and management 

FSC manages large complex projects with divergent stakeholder positions, and which must coordinate diverse professional input—legal, regulatory, economic, financial, accounting, engineering and technical—in constrained timeframes.  We assist in establishing appropriate governance arrangements, specifying work required, managing expert input and ensuring delivery to required timeframes and outcomes.

decision making 

FSC supports businesses to make the right decisions in response to evolving markets and regulation.  We make sure decisions are made with full regard to context, clear objectives and trade-offs, and are supported by robust analysis and governance arrangements.


FSC advises governments and businesses on designing, implementing and adapting regulatory frameworks to achieve desired outcomes. We also help businesses and regulatory bodies to understand the practical effects of regulation, and how market and technological changes affect regulatory frameworks.

Instrument drafting 

FSC provides advice on development and drafting of legal instruments (such as rules, procedures, guidelines and licences) to give effect to policy and regulatory decisions.  We have experience working in a range of sectors including, but not limited to the utility sector.

Regulatory support 

FSC provides strategic economic regulatory advice, specialist governance and project management support for price submissions and other economic submissions, expert economic opinion in support of regulatory proposals, and prepares regulatory submissions, and trains and advises on writing and modelling for regulatory proposals.  FSC provides strategic advice on approaches to determining the cost of capital. FSC also assists businesses develop and implement stakeholder engagement strategies.

Risk review 

FSC identifies risks and helps develop risk mitigation strategies for regulatory, strategic and policy initiatives in the utility sector.  We apply well accepted risk evaluation approaches including bringing our insights on the impact of government policy.


FSC assists clients to apply a range of quantitative tools including financial, regulatory and economic models. We look for innovative solutions to complex problems, ensuring that these are user friendly and accurate and follow best practice.

Specialist transaction support 

FSC provides specialist transaction support services including due diligence advice on regulatory frameworks for investors and vendors involved in utility business transactions. We provide updates of the current and potential future outlook for regulatory frameworks focusing on those matters which have material value implications.

Dispute resolution, expert advice and testimony 

FSC consultants act as members of dispute resolution panels, prepare independent expert reports, and provide expert witness testimony to court proceedings and contract arbitrations.

Working groups
and committees 

FSC consultants act as chairs, independent members and advisers to various government and industry committees and working groups.